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You Learn More When You Are Enjoying Yourself


While your upcoming conference will surely be mostly about business, it will greatly benefit if it isn’t all about business.

With 25 years of stage time under his belt, Miguel will pack his time on stage with clean, customized comedy that will connect and bond your attendees.

As a general session opener, after-dinner entertainer, emcee for award ceremonies or a full-day agenda packed with speakers, Miguel’s skills will keep your audience engaged and entertained.

“All business is show business,” Miguel says, “and I bring the show to my clients so that they can do more business!”

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Deryl Dodd-Country Singer


When I worked with Miguel it never surprised me on how he's able to captivate and hold his audience's attention. His stage presents, inspirational tips and his insightfully funny stories is always a crowd pleaser. I've opened for many great acts and I know a star when I see one. Miguel Washington is a rising star.

David Gladstone-Off And Running Management


Miguel’s presentation and at our company sales meeting was hilariously motivating. He was able to combine humor along with sales tips that our sales teams will apply to their daily routine. As Miguel says, " Your smile equals better attitudes, which bring more sales, creativeness and productivity. This starts a chain reaction of increased income for the company and more money for you in bonuses which makes you smile even more. So why aren't you smiling?

Valerie Missek-Teacher


Miguel's Key Note Speech at our Charter School for Boys was not only inspirational it was also funny. His stories of his upbringing as a young man kept our young boys attention with humor and direction. Our young men listened to Miguel's journey and were able to relate to him and will be able to apply his advice to their own lives.Miguel is what these young men need to see and hear, he gave them positive options in their life.

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